5 Benefits of Date Palm Extract for the Skin

Aside from being delicious, date palm is also one of nature’s most effective healing ingredients. Read on and learn why date palm extract should be present in your health and beauty routine. 

After knowing everything we’re about to tell you about date palm extract, you’re gonna want to check the label on all your personal care products and wish there is even a little bit of its magic on each of them. Nature is indeed a source of a lot of healing products. Date palm extract is undoubtedly one amazing natural ingredient that would do wonders for you.

Here is the low down on date palm extract and why you should make the most out of it:

What is Date Palm?

Date palm is a plant with edible fruit and is grown in many tropical regions of the world. This fruit along with its pollen has been used for medicinal and beauty purposes for a long time. It contains fiber and other chemicals that have positive effects on the body when ingested or applied topically. On top of that, it was also found that the pollen of date palm contains chemicals that may act like hormones.


Skin Benefits of Date Palm Extract

1. Proven Anti-aging Benefits

Date palm anti aging

Date palms and their extract has been scientifically proven to prevent and reduce visible signs of aging such as wrinkling and sagging. In a study, the topical application of date palm kernel extract “reduced the total surface of wrinkles by 27.6%” and “reduced the depth of wrinkles by 3.52%.” 

2. Improves Skin Elasticity

Date Extract is a great source of  Vitamins A and C. These vitamins are known to improve the collagen production of the skin allows it to remain elastic and plump making you look fresher and healthier.

3. Increases Skin Brightness

Date Palm Extract Benefit - Increase Skin Brightness

A study has shown that applying date extract to your skin can increase skin brightness which effectively leads to a significant reduction in redness and hyperpigmentation. This may ultimately lead to soft and supple skin that is free from any type of discoloration.

4. Rich in Antioxidants

Date palm is rich in antioxidants that help the skin repair itself for a more youthful glow. It also protects us from unstable molecules known as free radicals which may cause harmful reactions and cause diseases. In fact, along with figs and plums, date palm has one of the highest antioxidants among all the other fruits. 

5. Soothes and Hydrates Cracked Nipples


With its natural antioxidant and anti-aging properties, date palms and their extract is amazing in soothing and hydrating sore and cracked nipples from nursing. That’s why we turned to this amazing ingredient and combined this with other equally beneficial ingredients to create our Intensive Nipple Cream!

Meet Our Date Palm Extract-Enriched Nipple Cream

Mama’s Choice Intensive Nipple Cream is created using mainly natural ingredients to help mamas deal with the woes of breastfeeding. During this equally rewarding and painful time, creams that are rich in date palm extract will provide instant and lasting comfort to mamas. 

Aside from that, this cream is food-grade so that you don’t even have to wipe or wash your nipples before your baby latches on.

Along with the benefits of date palm extract, our nipple cream also has coconut oil and shea butter which are also beneficial in keeping your nipples moisturized throughout your breastfeeding journey.

As if that’s not good enough, there are also other amazing nipple cream uses that you can enjoy using our best-selling nipple cream.

Enjoy the many benefits of date palm extract in our nipple cream. Now available on our official Amazon store!

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