The Truth About Aloe Vera and Shea Butter for Stretch Marks

Aloe vera and shea butter for stretch marks? We’re breaking down the facts about these two natural ingredients and how they improve stretch marks.

Moms like us know a thing or two about stretch marks, right? Although not everyone experiences this, about 8 out of 10 pregnant women will see it during their pregnancy.

A type of scar that develops when the skin stretches and shrinks because of rapid weight loss or gain, a stretch mark comes in all shapes and colors depending on where they appear.

And while its name implies that it only occurs because of the skin stretching, many reasons cause it. For instance, genetics are also in play besides fluctuating hormones during pregnancy and weight changes.

Aloe vera and shea butter fo stretch marks

Today, you can find a range of products and procedures that address stretch marks. However, we at Mama’s Choice believe in harnessing the power of natural ingredients to improve moms’ lives.

So, we’ve looked into how aloe vera and shea butter are great for stretch marks! Not convinced? Keep reading, mama!

How Does Aloe Vera Benefit the Skin?

The aloe vera plant, easily distinguishable by its thick, pointed, and fleshy leaves, has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Each aloe vera plant leaf has three layers, and the innermost layer contains a gel-like component that stores water and gives the leaf its thick appearance.

This gel, 99% water, contains powerful antioxidants that help impede bacterial infections in humans and vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Mama's Choice | Aloe Vera | Stretch Mark Cream

Does Aloe Vera Work on Stretch Marks?

Aloe vera is especially beneficial in reducing stretch marks because of its many skin benefits. One of them is that it’s known to be a natural moisturizer. Also, with the gel mainly being water, aloe vera helps hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. As such, you get to enjoy smoother and softer skin.

Moreover, it helps relieve skin irritation because it contains compounds that minimize inflammation and has a pain-relieving enzyme that soothes the skin. Aloe vera is excellent for those seeking itch relief and those suffering from sunburn. The aloe vera gel is also great in suppressing hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays.

But even better, it may also help in the prevention of dark spots and fading existing sun damage on the skin. Aloe vera also plays a role in maintaining skin elasticity, as it boosts collagen production.

Besides these incredible benefits that directly help reduce stretch marks, the aloe vera plant also lightly exfoliates, treats cold sores, and fights acne.

Isn’t the humble aloe vera plant packed with such excellent skin-saving benefits?

How Does Shea Butter Benefit the Skin?

What is shea butter? It’s fat extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, which are native to West Africa. They arrive in either an off-white or ivory hue and are packed with vitamins and fatty acids. The latter explains why it is excellent for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning the skin.

Mama's Choice | Shea Butter | Stretch Mark Cream

Does Shea Butter Work on Stretch Marks?

Shea butter actually shares a lot of similar skin benefits to the aloe vera plant. One of these is that it’s also a fantastic natural moisturizer. The fatty acids found in shea butter lock moisture in the skin to keep it soft and hydrated.

Rich in healing agents, shea butter helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and fades dark marks or scars.

Moreover, shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties that help with redness and swelling. In addition, it has a variety of vitamins that prevent premature skin aging. Besides these, shea butter also protects the skin from free radicals and helps prevent and fight acne.

Ever wondered how you can reap the benefits of these naturally powerful ingredients?

Discover the Benefits of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter for Stretch Marks in Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream

With carefully selected natural ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter, Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream deeply moisturizes stretch mark-prone areas like the belly, hips, and breasts. It’s also great for soothing and managing itchiness.

Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream is also enriched with Lipobelle Soyaglycone. It’s a naturally hydrating ingredient that is derived from soy. This innovative ingredient boosts collagen production to improve skin thickness by up to 12%!

Besides being all-natural, our stretch mark cream is also free from paraben and alcohol. Plus, we made sure to ease your worries that’s why we had it dermatologically tested. As such, it’s perfectly safe to use even for moms with the most sensitive skin!

With this fantastic combination of natural ingredients, our stretch mark cream is just what moms like you need to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Suitable for use from the second trimester until at least 6 months postpartum, it’s time you try the wonder of Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream.

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