7 Things To Avoid To Help Prevent Birth Defects

Birth defects can be caused by genetics, but they can also be caused by poor lifestyle choices and pregnancy problems. Mums should avoid these 7 things below to help prevent birth defects for a healthy pregnancy. 

7 Things To Avoid To Help Prevent Birth Defects

1. Stress

The British Neuroscience Association states that stressed mothers produce cortisol hormones which inhibits the growth of fetal nerve tissue in the womb. This generally affects pregnant women who are under stress and pressure.

2. Lifting heavy loads

Pelvic bones and joints are more sensitive in pregnant women. Lifting heavy loads can also change the fetal position, affecting growth and development. 

3. Eating carelessly

Mums need to make sure that they meet their nutritional requirements appropriately. As a general rule, what a mother consumes will reach her baby. 

4. Excessive dieting

Unless it’s necessary for health reasons, don’t diet. If the fetus lacks nutrients, it will experience obstacles in its growth. Consider your nutrition intake and consult a nutrition or dietician when in doubt. 

5. Over-the-counter drugs

Make sure you consume pain relievers, vitamins and even herbal medicine in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. Not all chemicals in drugs can be consumed while pregnant.

6. Cigarettes and alcohol 

Nicotine and carbon monoxide from cigarettes are the biggest culprits in causing birth defects. 

To prevent birth defects, you should watch what you consume. Cigarettes and alcohol are two things you should absolutely stay away from. 

 7. Exposure to Toxins

More than 300 toxins can enter your body every day, including toxins from mothers’ body care products. 

Are your body care products safe for you and your baby? Check the products that you consume, and make sure that you stay away from toxic substances

The fetus can easily absorb toxins through the placenta. Exposure to toxins in the womb risks can cause detrimental effects to the baby in the future.

Mamas, taking note of these dangers can significantly help in ensuring that you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Author Mama's Choice Team

Mama's Choice Team


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