Year of the Ox Baby Name Ideas for Boys and Girls

Are you expecting to welcome your baby this 2021? Then, keep reading to discover baby name ideas that are best this Year of the Ox.

Picking baby names is one of the most enjoyable (and intimidating) chapters of becoming a mum! In fact, you may have bickered with your husband and gone on mental trips down memory lane as you recall that one movie character you swore you’d name your child after when you first saw it 20 years ago. Am I right? 

No matter where—or who—you turn to for baby name ideas, there’s one thing you have to remember: think about it long and hard because your little one will carry that name forever. Unless, of course, they change it when they get older.

In this article, we’re focusing on baby name ideas that are considered auspicious this Year of the Ox, which began on February 12th, 2021, and will end on January 30th, 2022. Whether you’re a believer or not, one more source of baby name ideas is always welcome, right?

Best Year of the Ox Baby Names

According to Chinese astrology, choosing a baby name has a lot to do with analyzing its energy charter. The goal is to use names that correct energy imbalances and create harmony between the five elements of natureWood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. 

This 2021, the Year of the Metal Ox, Karma Weather reports that the primary deficient elements are Wood and Fire. So names inspired by those two elements would help correct the energy flow in your baby’s birth chart.

However, this year, Wood and Fire aren’t the only elements creating imbalance. For February, May, and July, all the elements are weak. This means that baby names based on the five elements are great choices if your baby is born during those months.

Now that you know why it’s essential to consider your baby’s astral birth chart, the fun part is choosing your baby’s name. When choosing a name based on one of the elements, it doesn’t mean you choose a name that translates to wood. Instead, consider names related to trees, plants, forests, or even flowers. Also, names related to ocean, river, or beach for the Water element are great choices. Get the idea, mums?

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some baby names for boys and girls based on the five elements of the Chinese zodiac that you can consider for your little one:

Year of the Ox Baby Name Ideas


Personality Traits of a Year of the Ox Baby 

Now that you know the auspicious baby names this Year of the Ox, it’s time we take a peek at what your little one’s traits might be.

Year of the Ox Baby Personality and Traits

Did you know that the Ox represents hard work and is known to be the most patient animal zodiac sign? Besides this, Ox babies are typically cautious, patient, obedient, and self-reliant. Mamas, their obedience also suggests that they tend to emulate their parents. As such, setting good examples is vital, mums!

Those born in the Year of the Ox are also believed to carry such impressive self-confidence that they go far in life. However, they are not very talkative and tend to be introverted. Yet, Ox babies are born leaders who stand their ground, are efficient and have great respect for traditions despite their quiet nature.

Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

Don’t want to follow your baby’s astral birth chart? Then, keep our tips in mind to help you choose a name for your little one. 

  • Find out meanings. It’s always a delight to share and hear stories about the meaning behind a name, so make sure you know what it stands out for. The last thing you want is to later discover that the name you picked stands for something negative despite how beautiful it sounds.
  • Say the name out loud. Does the name go well with your baby’s last name? Does it flow well together?
  • You don’t have to skip the classics. Besides, you can always add a second name or go for lesser-known classics names.
  • Be wary of trends. Ask yourself if you want to intentionally misspell or omit vowels in your baby’s because it’s the trend. Creativity is great, but not at the expense of making your baby’s name a joke.

Have fun choosing a baby name and shopping for baby must-haves like Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow, mamas, and dads!

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