6 Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin

What are the benefits of coconut oil for skin? Look no further because we’ve gathered its six best skin benefits!

Coconut is undeniably nature’s masterpiece. And it’s not only because it’s perfect refreshment while you are lounging in a tropical paradise during hot summer days (although that’s one of the reasons why 😉).

In addition, there is an endless list of how coconut oil can benefit our health from head to foot. But right now, let’s focus all our attention on the benefits of coconut oil for skin.

If you’ve ever wondered why this has been a favorite ingredient by many skincare brands out there, then you’re in luck! So get ready to discover why everyone is going nuts over coconuts.

Benefits of coconut oil for skin

6 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin

1. It has anti-aging benefits

Coconut oil is excellent for prolonging your youthful glow. It has antioxidant properties that protect your body from harmful free radicals and slow down skin aging signs (A.K.A. wrinkling and sagging).

All it takes is a few drops of coconut oil directly into the skin before showering, and your pores will have no issues absorbing all the goodies as you take your bath.

2. It acts as a natural sunscreen


Applying coconut oil improves the moisture and lipid content in the skin as it can block 20% of UV rays as you go about your day. Not only does this prevent all the skin damage that harsh and direct sunlight that we all know (and desperately trying to avoid), but it can also help in preventing even more serious concerns like skin cancer. 

3. It helps control oily skin

Who would think that treating oily skin would involve more oil? But yes, coconut oil can help eliminate excess oil from your face and other body parts–another of the many benefits of coconut oil for skin. It also protects the skin’s natural lipid barrier while dissolving unwanted oil. 

4. It moisturizes dry skin


Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin that is often as itchy as it is unpleasant to look at. According to WebMD, coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids that do wonders in retaining moisture which ultimately keeps your skin looking soft and supple. 

5. It cleans skin inside out

Whether you want to apply it or eat it, coconut oil is excellent at keeping your skin as clean as it can be. You can either take a spoonful of raw coconut oil and massage it to your chosen area.

Or, you can simply take a spoonful (if advised by your physician) to increase oxygen and blood circulation in your skin. This will rid your skin of all the nasties while keeping it healthy and glowing. 

6. It soothes sore, irritated skin–even your nipples!


Our busy day-to-day life can also be stressing our skin. After all, it serves as the barrier between us and the world.

Coconut oil is great at soothing areas in your body that may get reddish, itchy, inflamed, and even painful. A little dab goes a long way to alleviate discomfort and experience quick yet lasting relief. 

For the breastfeeding mama, coconut oil is a savior. This mighty ingredient is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, so it is great at healing the skin if you are suffering from sore and cracked nipples.

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