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17 Tips To Make Breastfeeding Easier For Mamas

Breastfeeding success isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. That’s why we at Mama’s Choice have scoured the best tips to make breastfeeding easier from real Mamas so you, too, can have a successful breastfeeding journey. ...
June, 2021

Can Herbal Oil Help With Body Pains While Pregnant?

Body pains while pregnant? It may be part of the pregnancy journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it, Mama. Table of Contents What causes body pains while pregnant? What are the common pregnancy aches and pains?...
May, 2021

What Are Stretch Marks And How You Can Prevent Them

What are stretch marks, and why do these battle wounds of pregnancy appear? Let’s find out! Table of Contents What causes stretch marks? Who is most likely to develop stretch marks? Where do stretch marks appear, and how long do...
May, 2021

How Oxytocin Massage Helps With Your Breastfeeding Journey

Did you know that just a simple massage can do wonders for your breastmilk supply? Find out more about oxytocin massage, how it helps with breastfeeding, and how to do it in the comfort of your home! What is Oxytocin Massage? Oxytocin...
May, 2021

The Best Tips To Help Baby Sleep

Struggling to get your baby to sleep? Here are the best tips to help baby sleep that are perfect for new mamas! Table of Contents Why do babies need sleep? How long should babies sleep? How to create a safe sleep environment? What...
May, 2021

3 Incredible Kiwi Benefits for Hair That Will Surprise You

Sweet and tart, refreshing and delicious—kiwi is a fruit that’s packed with nutrients. From a smoothie to a muesli topping, kiwis are incredibly versatile to cook with. As such, it’s a great addition to anyone’s diet but...
April, 2021

Baby Kicks In The Womb: Why You Need To Count Fetal Movement

Feeling a baby kicks in the womb is an indescribable feeling. But did you know that there’s more to it than just a beautiful early bonding experience between a mama and her baby? Table of Contents What are baby kicks? When should I...
April, 2021

Pregnancy And Exercise: Safe Workouts for Every Trimester

Find out the truth about pregnancy and exercise, including its many benefits to one’s physical and emotional health!  Table of Contents What are the health benefits of pregnancy exercise? How can you exercise safely during...
April, 2021

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy And Why

One way to ensure a healthy pregnancy is by being mindful of what you eat. But while most foods are safe for pregnancy, there are some foods to avoid during pregnancy because of the dangers they pose to your unborn baby. It’s not...
April, 2021

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